Board Members


Isabelle McCullough

Years on the team: 2010-2013

Goal: Reach 150 active members of the Association by the spring!

Vice President of Communications

Joseph Briggs

Years on the team: 2013-2017

Goal: I want to have a fleet of alumni boats at Hooch and other races and take home some hardware! Also, just having a lot of fun with other alumni with new events and ways to stay connected!

Vice President of Alumni Engagement

Brittny Ostermann

Years on the team: 2012-2016

Goal:My main goal is to help develop more opportunities for alumni to come together and interact more than only once per year for an alumni weekend. Once it is safe to do so again, I would especially like to do this by establishing a greater presence at regattas – both as support for the current team and as competitors in alumni boats!


Andy Mullins

Years on the Team: 2009-2013

Goal: I want to help create the foundation for the council to follow in the years to come regarding financial management & officially become registered as a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. I also want to assist in the development of a mentor program for alumni to stay connected with current rowers.


Stephanie Schwarz

Years on the Team: 2009-2012

Goal: I want to brainstorm a diversity scholarship for the team!

General Voting Member on the Engagement Committee

Alyssa Wharton

Years on the team: 2009-2013

Goal: I want to continue the work started by FCAA by getting alumni involved through virtual and in person events. I look forward to meeting alumni from all different seasons of the Florida Crew Team.

General Voting Member on the Fundraising Committee

Christina Cassler

Years on the team: 2010-2014

Goal:  I’d like to see FL Crew alumni incorporate the alumni across the country, not just the ones close to Florida. I’d also like to start documenting our race results so we can live in nostalgia for forever.

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